QinQ – 802.1q Tunneling

Get paid to share your links! Network Topology This is a sample configuration on how QinQ work, Here we have a Service Provider Network which provide a transparent link between R1 and R4, SW1 – SW4 are not visible to

Cisco Etherchannel Mode

Etherchannel is useful in a scenario which you have need to have additional bandwidth particularly between switches hosting servers; On this page i will provide an example on three (3) Cisco Etherchannel modes Note: All interface need to match the

Controlling ICMP (DDOS) via Cisco Control-Plane

]  A very simple way of protecting a router from ICMP DDOS attack. ip access-list extended ICMP permit icmp any any ! class-map match-any ICMP match access-group name ICMP ! policy-map ICMP-limit class ICMP police rate 20000 bps conform-action transmit 

How to minimize CPU utilization when using Dynamips/GNS3 (idlepc + idlemax)

This is my experiment in minimizing the CPU usage when working on GNS3/Dynamips. On this experiment I have use the Internetwork Expert Topology (INE) Version 5 which has 13 routers and uses 3725 IOS images. If you need the topology

Installing GNS3 as a portable application (Portable GNS3)

Installing GNS3 as a portable application (Portable GNS3) Step 1.  Download GNS3  Step 2. Install GNS3 Here we didn’t install the WinPCap since it would not be installable if your not administrator account on window system 3. Configure GNS3 and

Booting IOS via TFTP from a rommon environment

While most of us are working on routers we occasionally do an IOS upgrade while doing so we encounter some problem which will not let boot the IOS properly. I will be sharing my experience on one of my IOS

Cisco Emulator/Simulator

While learning Cisco Technology we need a hand-on configuration training and now a days we are lucky that there are numerous software available to help us. These are the following Dynamips  Cisco Emulator which load a real IOS Front-End GNS3

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